At 赌博娱乐平台网址大全 University, we celebrate the journey 目的地.

Meet the students sharing stories from their journeys:


positive outcomes rate

98% of recent graduates had jobs or were accepted to graduate school within 6 months of graduation.

开车. Excel. 成功. 那么?

Ayanna Blake ’25 puts health 和 wellness first to be her best self—mentally, 身体上的, 和学术.


In a Greek village on a mountain, 一个修女, 一头驴, an orange peel walk into a bar… the rest is Cal’s story about finding magic in his family history 和 experiencing perspectives he hadn’t before.

Sena Saygili, 23岁

Against tough odds, this 赌博娱乐平台网址大全 University pre-med student never gave up on her dream. A neuroscience major with Turkish roots, Sena has always kept her unique heartbeat necklace close to remind her of home. Now, that heart has led her to medical school.


As a hometown 圣安东尼奥 kid turned student body president, Danny is here to represent: his city, 他的学校, his growing network of friends from around the globe.



Choosing a major is a major moment, 赌博娱乐平台网址大全 students craft academic experiences that help them make meaning in the world. Discover how these students chose their path:


Sometimes finding your calling looks a lot like finding yourself—和 Caleb hopes his computer science major will help him answer his life’s big questions.

Ella Charbonnet ’25

Where do you turn when your first major doesn’t work out? Ella found her path through a passion for helping people.


What's the difference between music composition 和 cooking? For Ethan, not a lot.

Allison Waters '25

Making decisions 和 making change: They're both in the book for Allison, an economics 和 business double major.

Take our word(s) for it...

At 赌博娱乐平台网址大全 University, we celebrate every milestone on the student journey.

From exploring multiple disciplines to declaring a major, from crossing the pond to crossing the stage, 赌博娱乐平台网址大全 students develop as learners 和 listeners, ready to lead discovery, 领导改变, 互相引导, lead themselves.

How do we reach our outcomes?

Supporting students every step of the way.

A 赌博娱乐平台网址大全 University education is defined by the numerous resources available to ensure student growth 和 success,包括...



Student-centered, holistic, developmental advising to foster creativity, discovery, curiosity, radical openness for all students.




健壮的 学术指导辅导 以及 accessibility services to help students develop lifelong skills for learning 和 tackling challenges.


可访问性 Services


Center for Experiential Learning 和 事业成功

Equipping students for meaningful 和 enriching professional lives through experiential learning, 实习, 职业规划, graduate school planning.



Center for International Engagement

Broadening students’ global involvement 和 honing intellectual, 文化, professional skills through 出国留学, international 实习, other multi文化 opportunities.